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Yoga (1)

From this week onwards, I will be posting a series of yoga reflections for my 107-1 Yoga (Elective) Course. Of course, it’s part of the homework (XD). 上週進行前測體適能的部分,無論是體重或伸展能力,我都感到頗滿意的。因為核心一直是我身體的弱點,仰臥起坐不超過30我其實不太意外。希望學期末後側的時候會看到有進步! 這禮拜進行1.6k跑步的前測。時間9’03″,自己覺得算還可以。其實最後是可以做衝刺讓速度更快的,但我想以均速完成前側,到時候測再以均速跑的時候比較有參考價值(畢竟1.6測的是肺活量,不是爆發力)。希望學期末至少能維持,或再快一點(8’30″吧~) 完成瑜珈前測以後,老師教我們Mountain Pose. 第一堂課先把站姿拍起來,期待到時再與最後一堂課相比可以看到自己站得更標準(正確)。 ***記得要先脫襪子,觀察腳趾方向。 山式 (Mountain Pose) 雙腳與肩同寬,腳趾大拇哥和二腳趾向前(可判定自己骨盆是否有往外。我平常這麼喜歡盤腿坐,應該有@@) 肩膀稍微往後一點,稍微挺胸(?)。別太誇大,自然、輕鬆為主。 手放左右兩側的褲子縫合線。注意耳朵-肩膀-手肘-膝蓋有沒有成為一直線。 正面、側面各拍一張照 (紀錄站姿)。 ***呼吸都是鼻進鼻出。吸:呼比例4:6 呼吸 爽手大拇指放腋下(?),四指放胸腔上。隨著呼吸節湊,中指會相碰。 再來,雙手合十在胸前,吸:呼比例4:6。 合十的手隨著吸氣往上升到斗頂上方,拉直、伸展(數到四)。 隨著呼出的氣將手再降下回到胸前。Repeat 幾次 (3-5?)。 接著可以嘗試其他版本: 吸氣時,手從身體兩旁開始,往上畫圈。吐氣時,手掌向外往下回到身體兩側 隨著前面呼吸的動作,吸氣墊腳,呼氣回地面。 希望是可以練到墊腳能平穩的程度。 主要以深呼吸為主。跑完1.6km來做深呼吸,對靜心蠻有幫助。課後精神也不錯。 今天下課後的作業是要回去多練深呼吸和練腹式呼吸。

Heads up.

Yesterday marked the begining of my midterm spree, I’ll actually have a midterm paper every week from now till end of May. The joy! (not). Still, the past few weeks have been relatively exciting. This will be all but a quick post to jot down certain interesting stuff (OK interesting to me) recently. Quick and…

Taking shape.

(a foamy pancake with MAPLE SYRUP guess what this post will be about??) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those who have followed me should know that I’ll be heading to UBC for exchange this September. But so far the truth is that’s something I’m “entitled” to on my home university’s side. The bunch of us who were allocated UBC…

Catch up sessions

Here we begin, it’s like an exciting ride in a theme park. Every trip back to Singapore now, it’s filled with so much love, friendship and reunion. Every time before returning, I would think to myself “I should cut down and streamline my meet ups, so that I can spend more time with mama”. But…

La Piola

Weeks ago, before our Geochemistry Finals, Isa and I decided that we’ll look for our professor together for the oncepersem meal. I was the middle person communicating and forwarding information to each other (Isa and Prof Lin). It’s super BUMMER when the prof who’s paying for the meal (with MOE budget) offers to drive over…


  I do have such a friend. But the former or the latter, which does he fall under? I am honestly confused too. Tsk.  

Little goals?

Was studying Earth Surfaces and Structural Landforms, and I suddenly feel like buying a drone camera for my exchange to Canada. Well………. But first I need to save for Canada. Haha. Maybe one day. Within the next two years? 🙂

2016 → 2017

This post came a little late, but I’ve been updating religiously on other social media so I guess this is pretty decent? On instagram, I listed some of the more exciting things that I can recall: 👉Saw real snow for the first time (and snowing) 👉Went to India 👉Turned 21 (LOL) 👉Went Taimali, my dad’s…

Friends –> Family

[深夜小火車 Deep night train of thoughts] 近期與好多朋友小聚餐 光一個週末就跟新加坡國小、國中、高中and當然在台灣大學的朋友都見到面 真的是人生各個階段的人與我相逢敘舊耶 因此也突然佩服以前的自己 以前的年少無知回想一下真的讓人頗傻眼 因為某種因緣際會遇見各個求學階段的這些朋友們 他(她)們互不相識 卻同樣造就我生命中某個時候最美好並難以忘去的回憶 每一位都見證了某個時期的我 而每個人所認識的我也都是不一樣的趙善慈 人生多麼奇妙 時間多麼倉促 一轉眼便20年離去 在每個人的生命中大家各自有你我他該去的路 天無不散的宴席 但對於友情 真心覺得每一段都很值得珍惜 因為科技發達而現在就算跨國也能輕易聯絡 偶爾抽個空 約個時間 敘敘舊 與彼此更新一下人生 替彼此感到欣慰 也替彼此的未來感到充滿希望 未來是最大的未知 但是我想要你們知道 我們永遠都是朋友 J