The Belated Transition

The big picture always gives you a surprise.

At some point of time, I gave up blogging on W-Cata in the middle of JC curriculum.
At this point of time, it’s probably a pretty good time to bring it back. (it was actually cause of Mandy’s encouragements, thanks for bringing back my old hobby!)

Post A’s has been fruitfully fun (in the relaxing way) all the way until 2nd March, because 3rd March had slapped me in my face softly, and the following few days with force that was increasing exponentially. I guess what’s done is done, and after a few days of breaking down (not dawn), I have really (REALLY) come to terms with it.

On Tuesday, I secured a job with HA as a camp instructor, something which I find really cool. Even if the pay isn’t exceptionally ideal, what I’m looking out for are the lessons that I’ll learn out of it. And seeing a backstage perspective of all those fun camps that I have enjoyed in. The interview itself was pretty fun and interesting, because not only did we get to play an icebreaker game, we got to really interact with other potential HA colleagues by coming up with solutions for problem solving. Even from the interview itself, I learnt quite a lot.

When Saajidah asked me what were my 3 key values, I answered the first three words that came to my mind – Responsibility, Respect, Trust. (Ah heck, I was the first name on her list, didn’t really have time to think through either).
After I got home, I realize that my actual version would have been – Passion, Trust, Respect. Still pretty good anyways!

On Wednesday I went back to school to help my brother collect his amended CCA records, and had a great time catching up with my MG3 Drunkies (Calvin and Sandra, cause Qiuyun had to study for CTs). It was hilarious really, how Sandy tried to persuade Cal to buy Matcha Mcflurry from the Macs around the corner at the MRT but failed to because it was pricey, because Calvin went to buy an ice cream from Mr Bean and he got one for free (cause their machine spoilt, LOL). 

For the first time in 2 years, I felt like as though we relived those MG days, hanging out at the Mall and walking each other to bus interchange/home/my own home.

(C) Somehow in the back of my mind, I can remember how we had this conversation at the traffic light opposite the petrol station and the park. How I didnt really want you to join SC because you would be too busy with SC to spend time with SC. (HAHAH mega punny and SCeption)

Anyway, a mega huge flower (I think the flower is typing right now) recently bloomed in my house (Nuh uh, Im not trying to be a vainypainy but there are other meanings to flower haha).

So i think without the Sun, it’s time for the flower to rest. Goodnight to whoever reading (probably nobody, or nearby rocks and sediments, or volcanos o.o) !

(Btw this post is totally random)
(It’s a spur of the thought thing)
(And before this blog, I do actually keep a diary)
(Some smiles are contagious, and addictive)

(Oh yeah, I cut my hair today, which Mandy also did, coincidentally, hohoho!!)

Random fact (RF): I have a class 3 license at this point (not exactly since I haven’t taken the Singapore theory test yet), but I can drive! ^^


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