Short Update

I have been working on my birthday post but it’s kind of getting nowhere so I though I would post this first. (Although that post is scheduled to be posted on a date earlier than this post anyway).

Recently, there are a few updates to my near future..

1) I will still be occupied on every Saturday.
In fact, every Saturday, I have almost overlapping commitments (thankfully they do not overlap).

2) I will most likely be changing a phone soon, because I have enough of Samsung Galaxy SII.
It died on me last weekend by getting stuck with a boot loop problem. In the sense that when you switch the phone on, the start up page will never scram and you will never be able to meet your desktop and your apps and your contact list. It happened quite untimely too, after I received a text saying I was shortlisted for my new job and that someone would call me to give me details shortly. (Thankfully their shortly actually meant the next day, phew!)

3) Speaking of securing job, I am so thankful that I secured this job after being a Queen of Nua for the past 4 months.
I mean after spending holidays in Taiwan from 10th Dec 2013 to 1st March 2014, and not doing any financially productive work since then till now, I have only been spending and not earning, so that’s bad. Yeah.

And I am actually heading down to work with EC tomorrow too, although this is totally random and uncalled for.

And here are some of what happened during the past week

1) I attended Qianyi’s party at Home Team NS again (hoho) and I stayed overnight this time, with Xinyi, Jiaxu, Weicheng and of course our main character Qianyi.
Hmmmmmm I guess we kinda got a huge horror in the next morning when we woke up to a whole army of ants carpeting the wooden floor that we decided to just wear shoes indoors (LOL).

2) I went for B&J’s Free Cone Day for the first time despite hearing about it for so many years with Jiawen and Rongwei on Tuesday (8/4/14). Hehe. The perks of having time on hand and great company. We went for two rounds (hmm I actually meant one, hush hush, don’t expose) and I tried Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet and Mango Mango Sorbet. Both are really nice. 🙂 After which, we called Yujie down to join us for a movie, hehe. We watched Captain America (woohoo! CA is so 正點) and went on separate ways after that. :X


And for today:

Happy Birthday Charlotte! 🙂
All I want to tell you are on instagram! \O/


I guess that’s all for today!

Meeting up with Piju, Xiaowei and Kaixiang tomorrow, looking forward to seeing my 3 nerdybutnotreally friends hehehe. ^^

Random Fact (RF): I LOVE Little Twin Stars. How can they be so cute?


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