New Environment

Two days ago (Monday actually), I started my permanent part time work at ROYCE’ (guess which outlet?).  I woke up extra early to iron all my white longsleeves and braid my hair. I sprayed the fragrance that I bought from Yawen (Yongchun’s workplace) in Taiwan, hoping my first day would be as good as it can be.

The sky was gloomy and cloudy when I left the house, my favourite type of weather.

As I headed down the escalator to reach my workplace, I was really nervous hoping everything would be fine, and the day did turn out great.

As I walked into the shop, Nazri was at the counter. I was officially meeting my first colleague! I was first introduced to the various types of chocolates and then to the different things in the shop. Retailing is a totally new experience for me!

…. hahahaha~


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