Near Future

On May 26, I received news from my first ever senior from NTU that I am successful in my application to NTU. 

On June 14, I received the one letter that can walk me into the dream school of most Taiwanese from the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

On August 10, I received my very own student code in NTU.




School Orientation starts 8/26 to 8/30, Geosciences x Philo orientation starts 9/1 to 9/3. 

I’m seriously buzzing with excitement all the way from Singapore!

Especially after interacting with some of the seniors and fellow OCS senior. ^^


For now, it’s just preparation for my Handbells LCM, which is on 16th August. “I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING” ~~~ (We’re playing The Lion King Medley)


In a way, how my current post looks like a calendar entry, I don’t know, but all I know is that, I wasn’t very focused when I typed this. So, let’s keep wondering. 🙂


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