It has been two weeks since I reached Singapore, and it’ll be another two weeks left before I fly back. I’ve always looked forward to travelling and staying in other countries but back to Singapore for such a long period of time (a month) was unfortunately not on my list. So kinda, I guess I have to suck it up and yeah. I mean yeah I missed the people and all here but I’ve not expected to fly back so quickly after all the farewell like we’ll never meet until after a long time last year. Oh well. But to be able to travel abroad, I’m already blessed. So anyway, two weeks ago, I set these goals for my very first Winter break in Taiwan.

1) Revise Chem for next sem
2) Finish my Chinese homework (book review lol)
3) Familiarise myself with the more frequently used roads in Taipei
4) Learn some cooking stuff (alright this is kinda vague but I did learn a few dishes?)
5) Clean up my room
6) Meet those that I needa meet
7) Read up some Calculus stuff for next sem

I kinda spent the first week adjusting and meeting up with people.

And so now for my goals this holiday, I’m kinda still lagging quite behind. It’ll only mean that the next two weeks would mean intense hours to meet my goals.

On a sidenote, I’ve been exercising more than I have ever did on my own accord (regular night jogging) and I kinda feel good? Thanks to my NTU Geo baseball team for the encouragement and all their “jios” back in Taiwan. Hehe.

Missing Taiwan loads. So…. 14 days, let’s go.


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