New Year, again!

I think I might have done posts of this nature for the past 10 years (rough estimate), but the thoughts that goes through my mind differs with each year passing by.

Enough of endless resolutions that I most probably will forget about as school begins and eat up the focus that i wanted to achieve in my life, I’m just going to make 5 simple resolutions this year.

  1. Exercise regularly, keep fit, and stay motivated.
  2. Stay healthy and happy, and be thankful. Stop having endless expectations, morals and “logics” that I unknowingly pin onto people around me.
  3. Enjoy pain, enjoy the results of pain.
  4. Keep a tight lookout on spendings and savings now that I’m living out in school by myself without my parents. Also, to spend more time with Papa and Mama Chao.
  5. Learn 2 new skills this year (colouring/drawing and reading research journals). (Hey i mean reading research journals are still really tiring and dry !!)

What made me type down the third resolution was this other post which asked us to question ourselves, what do we want in life.

More often than not, we yearn for things that people worked hard for (perhaps some people have better luck or destiny and didnt have to work their life off to live in certain ways that we wish to), but are we really willing to put through the pain that they endured in the process?

And as well as the other saying goes, we don’t usually treasure the things that are easy to come by, if we really achieved what we wished for without all the work, would we really be happy?

It’s like, wanting to buy an expensive equipment for mountaineering or travelling, but using money that’s not your own (knowing that the money had come from others’ hard work and it wasn’t easy), I didn’t feel that tear in my heart when I decided to spend it.

So I guess, I need to begin to learn to embrace pain. Afterall, it’s with pain where the value of the goals and dreams rocket skyhigh, isn’t it?

P.S. I hope that when I conclude 2016, I can proudly say that my word of the year is “Commitment”.


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