Eat outs, with amazing Constants.

We went out tonight, for burgers similar to Veganburg at Clark Quay — Nomvnom.

The girls whom I’ve relied on pretty much in my toughest times of JC, seem to be as wonderful as I’ve remembered the to be. It’s times like these that makes me feel energized, because I know that when I’m down, there are ears willing to listen and dissolve my sorrow.

I ordered a nom nom burger, with a set, costed $12.80, but it was pretty good. We had fun playing with the salt and cinnamon/sugar grinding things. Definitely a recommendation, because the boss is really nice!

No matter how long it has been, catching up is not a problem!

It’s times like these, when although you’re unable to be there for each other every moment of your life like back in school days, yet you remain close with the ones whom stood by you throughout the most crucial periods of your life and can get together all comfy again when meeting up together, that really makes me realise that my past 21 years were a wonder.

Thank you girls. And guys.

Thank you for making me feel it again, that thin string of confidence hidden among my shadow. Afterall, 2016 will be the bestest year ever right? Definitely yes!! Cheers to catching up more in the future!

Chinchow, Benchies, Titong Paopaolongs, Matchuo girls, Xm Tsy, Drunkies, DeeWhy girls, LSD, SCHB, Xuejie seniors and friends.

Thank you so much, my contants in this ever changing world.


On a sidenote, 5 days left here. Gonna make the most of them. 🙂


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