Fresh face

Since beginning of Jan I’ve been telling myself that I would go for a haircut after exams, but after exams I decided how about after the field trip, and after the field trip, how about cutting it in Singapore? And then I fell sick and kept dragging my “haircut schedule”. Until after Chinese New Year started and the taboo “don’t touch scissors during the 15 days” occurred (and everywhere charge higher i think?)….

Until today.

Wah for one thing I forgot to bring back my hair lotion and I decided to wash my hair without it, and bam, I regret not cutting my head of mess for the past month because the quality deteriorated so badly until I really really really couldn’t take it anymore and just walked into some random salon near my school.

What I intended was a NT158 haircut, without washing (I mean of course if it’s complimentary then why not), but somehow my hairdresser started discussing how I wanted my haircut to be like and I ended up agreeing to partial straightening (mostly the hair that’s exposed to outside). Due to my thick hair and crap, apparently it was a better alternative (?). So I went with it and spent NT1500 instead (omg so 敗家). LMAO.

Along with money spent, was also time spent…

BUT the outcome was rather worth it I guess? Although I still promised myself to never straighten my hair (so impulsively) again….

Well but since 2016 will be the BEST year ever, why not include some GREAT hair times~



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