Protected: 獨樂樂不如眾樂樂

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Came across this phrase at the train station today, ‘Turn pain into power’. Being back with the same group of nonsense people, yet the feels differ completely. Nothing is going well lately I guess.

Mimicking Mimosa

I did a lot of opening up today. The first time was teaching someone how to unblock their ears when water got in. Our swimming teacher taught us how to “dive” in and we kept having blocked ears because our angles were wrong. If you ever get ear blocked because of water clogging it, tilt…

Are you turning me down?

At 8, I began my walk to my swimming venue. From HST, I passed by the women’s freshmen dorm, I passed by the sea of metal wheels and chains, and I caught sight of the only red bike that could ever fit in my eyes. The red bike that carried me for the past 10…

Meeting the Kid

Few months ago a close friend (senior) of mine introduced me to this boy in need of English tuition. Apart from being a noob at teaching, the level to be taught was equivalent to JC year 1 (高中二年級)… Whoops!   The only two other students that I had were K1 and P1 kids, but I…