Meeting the Kid

Few months ago a close friend (senior) of mine introduced me to this boy in need of English tuition. Apart from being a noob at teaching, the level to be taught was equivalent to JC year 1 (高中二年級)… Whoops!


The only two other students that I had were K1 and P1 kids, but I wasn’t with them long enough to see any changes. Perhaps I can make a difference to this new kid.

Scratch that, I AM going to make a difference! Going to try ALL my best to make sure he doubles in improvement before his first university entrance exam next year.

Basically my friend showed me the way to the tuition venue tonight (he was scheduled for tuition).

Guess what? After being nervous and all, the first thing the boy did when we entered was running to the kitchen to make us tea (!!!). Such good manners that’s hardly seen these days!

Oh my goodness. And then he chionged into his room to hand me the hw I assigned him while I was enjoying India… The diligence that’s so valuable!

Although marking his paper ended up worrying me witless, I’m sure we can work it out together! I have faith in the boy and he should believe in himself too!

It cracked me up too, when after handing me tea he gestured to my friend and said “ㄨ老師很帥對不對!” 😂 I can’t even….

Although I’m sure he was shipping us together in his head but noooo not gonna happen boy, haha, you should stay focused in your studies!!

After their session ended, my friend and I headed for the bus stop only to find that our bus left while we were halfway crossing the road!! @@ So we sat down and waited nearly 15mins for the next bus, and apparently some time when we were chatting, we missed the bus AGAIN!!! Like we saw it only when it was 2/3 beyond the bus stop alr…

So we were left with no choice but to take a taxi (which happened to be nearby ==) and I spent 250 before I even begin earning 😂😂😂

But the day was great and it’s gonna contribute to my BEST YEAR.



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