Are you turning me down?

At 8, I began my walk to my swimming venue. From HST, I passed by the women’s freshmen dorm, I passed by the sea of metal wheels and chains, and I caught sight of the only red bike that could ever fit in my eyes. The red bike that carried me for the past 10 months to the extent that I barely needed my own. The red bike that gave way every few months.

He’s probably walking today. Or he hasn’t arrived in school yet.

I carried on with my hurry to the stadium. I passed by my own dorm. I exited by the female dorm 5 exit. I started walking on the Palms Avenue.

Just as I was about to look left and right for oncoming bicycles, that familiar red bike flew past me. That familiar pair of white and blue uncle slippers, the familiar dark green jacket and the familiar bag.

Just the other day, I realised that the bear you gave me was still on your bag. It reminded me of how maybe I should dig out that bear and return her to you. Perhaps it would take away a little bit of my pain. And it might take away a little bit more of you from me.

That despair was like struggling for a mouth of oxygenated air in the middle of a swim. That pain was one of the cliche “最熟悉的陌生人”. That moment of recognition that I wished was the other way round…


But anyway. Since 2016 will be the best year and I mean the best year EVER, let’s not dwell on that.

In the afternoon, ruide seniors and I visited Junze, it was hilarious and all.

Then we held our first fb “live” session on the Taida SHE fanpage. Being the “mysterious” managers we were, it was super fun but embarrassing.

And at night, I headed for our third tuition session. Being a freezing, rainy night and all, the bus was painstakingly slower than usual by a good 30 mins. I turned up 15 mins late and had to end 15 mins later as well.

The tuition itself turned out fine, we went through the text together and it was nice knowing he remembered some of the words from before! I would call that progress I guess!

Halfway into the tuition, R popped this question “Are you free in late April?” For a moment I feared that he wanted to jio me to one of those cosplay events in my school. Thankfully he was just inviting me to watch Captain America 3 together. It would be in English, he said. He even showed me the trailer during the break in class. LOL.

So cute sia, but no, Roger, sorry but no~ Maybe next time! But you need to focus on your exam!


It’s probably also time that I try to train myself to be sterner with my tuition kiddo and to stay more detached… Or else he would beg for less homework!! No slacking kid!! At least my first tutee in Taiwan is a nice and polite kiddo, and that brings me huge relief (and some income XD)


Anticipating challenge!!

(Being challenged!!!)


Two papers to read and analyse for this week, two Earth History homework, a translation piece of homework, and to research on background of 10 profs and choose a mentor…



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