Mimicking Mimosa

I did a lot of opening up today.

The first time was teaching someone how to unblock their ears when water got in. Our swimming teacher taught us how to “dive” in and we kept having blocked ears because our angles were wrong. If you ever get ear blocked because of water clogging it, tilt your heat to the side (ear parallel to ground) and jump on the spot several times. It works like magic. Probably because my suggestion worked magic, the girl beside me asked “Hey did you turn up the past few weeks? I don’t remember seeing you around!” It felt kinda nice to be noticed? But I would still wanna stay low.

Speaking of which, freestyle is such a new thing to me. I guess that fits into one of the two new skills that I want to acquire this year (2016 resolution No. 5).

The second time was updating the Gender Equality Council lady on my case of being harassed by the teacher last semester. And hearing the lady state how he kept denying his deeds made my blood boil. I even saw him walking around school on my way to swimming lesson today. I hope he scrams back to France ASAP. I almost lost control of my own emotions while narrating the story.

The third time was getting caught in the rain while queuing for 鐵馬週 to get my bicycle brakes changed (for free). The weather was all cool and stuff, then it began pouring. As Yu’an was accompanying me, we both decided that maybe one of us should go and get umbrella from 小福福利社 because 阿馬 said it was quite worth it. While she was gone, the rain got heavier. Not wanting to get my head drenched/wet, I covered the top of my head with my free hand, and tried to keep myself busy in the awkward long queue with my other. From the corner of my eye, I noticed the guy queuing in front of me hesitate, looking like he’s debating with himself if he should offer me his umbrella. I tried to look away because I was afraid of awkward eye contacts, but thinking twice taught me to protect my own head (I don’t wanna bald). So I looked in his direction and he really offered his umbrella. “你要不要撐個傘阿” “好啊,真是不好意思~ 阿不過我學姊應該一下就回來了~” Somehow the conversation continued, until Yu’an returned with to umbrellas, and we actually kept a conversation rolling until our bicycles got fixed (it was a two hour wait from queuing to it getting fixed). Apparently he’s a year 4 law student about to graduate, and he was queuing for fun, because he felt that he should try more things before he graduates.

Interestingly, while my bro and I have 德 and 慈 in our names, he and his sister also have the same pair of words in each of their names. Such interesting coincidence!

The fourth time was watching my bicycle getting fixed and health-checked. The mechanical engineering student was relatively nice in his service and attitude towards the entire Service Education III (I mean if I were in his shoes, I might have ranted about how tiring it was). He even helped me fix some brake problems which he claimed outsiders (bicycle shops around school) wouldn’t bother to fix. And we had a nice chat (or I assumed it was pretty nice).

It felt amazing, getting to know a new friend.

Only after making a new friend today, do I realise that I haven’t felt this sense of warmth when getting to know a new person (without agenda like business networking or trying to attract freshies in or being forced to, like in camps) for a long time.

It felt natural, and quite memorable.

P.S. So I guess the day was made? #firstin2016


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