Red’ Cafe

Endless supply of food and drinks.

Company to keep you entertained when you need someone to talk to.

People willing to go crazy with you (like suddenly chionging to buy ingredients to bake cookies after that).

Peace and quiet when everybody wants to work.

That’s where I have spent my past two weekends, and I like calling it Red Cafe.



The Midterm Madness has calmed down so slightly, and I’m left with two papers and a presentation next week. I guess it’ll be over before I know it, just like this Wednesday (omg explosive wednesday).

I think, after my midterm ended, I’m going to look into redefining my goals for this sem again. It seems that I’ve slipped back into that comfort zone already. I need to work out of it. Hell, I need to work out.

Speaking of which, there were 3 people over the span of 2 weeks who asked if I’ve slimmed. To say that I wasn’t 暗爽ing was a total lie. In fact, I was yelling to everybody in Red Cafe and squealing like some madness, which obviously earnt me lots of eye rolls (which I’m proud of hey). It was hilarious seeing their reactions!


The tuition kid took a week off, so there goes my income…… But this Friday will be pay day! Can’t wait any longer.


I’m looking forward to spending a summer holiday travelling around Asia, but I am also looking forward to doing a 2 month intern at 中研院. However, if I did decide to go to 中研院,then I can’t stay in Singapore for long when I return. The thing is, if I missed it this time round, I will probably not get a chance next year because it’ll be Summer Fieldtrip.


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