Time of the year again

Happy Dragonboat Festival!

I ate like three dumplings today, one for breakfast and two for lunch. Oh my godd the number of frozen dumplings in the freezer right now scares me, especially when everybody returned home for the 4 day holiday…!!

The hectic month of May finally passed, and the season of project reports and presentations and finals is here again.

There has been so many exciting posts that I wanted to write here, but the month of May has been so buzzed I can’t bear to open my laptop because every time I do that, it meant meetings, discussions, unfinished reports and never ending things to do. I developed this fear of switching on my laptop because the routine would be “switch on -> MS word -> save -> switch off” and that sucks.

I wanted to just summarise the past month, but I realise that it goes all the way back to March. So I think I’ll post about March first. (haha so lag)


Late March, I went on a field trip to Taimali with 胡盧二人組+助教s (董哥,U大,黃鍾,蚯蚓等)。Also, Chung brought along his friend from the US, whom I thought at first was a US researcher but later found out was actually a Prof from IUP. I learnt so much from this field trip that I couldn’t bear when it ended. Perhaps it was the tranquility of Taimali township, or extremely healthy hours of 5am that we woke up each day, or maybe the fact that I discovered that the town was the exact same town that my Dad used to live in when he was young, and half the town (previously his primary schoolmates lol!) knew him, I really loved the time spent during the 5 days of field trip. And the group mates too.

For the five days, we woke up at 5am, left at 5.30am, reach the coast at 6.30am and observe the outcrops until nearly 12pm, where we head back to the hostel area to have lunch, and then organise our information from outfield. From 2pm, we generate a ppt presentation for each night on the section that we observed in the day for the meeting at 8pm. Every 7.45pm was so nervewrecking, haha. From the meetings, we get questioned and were told the general background of the area (after our presentations). Sometimes we were right, sometimes we were mistaken. Also, we discovered that Prof Lu really loves eating doritos and his TA would prepare a packet for him every night.

The little township barely had any vegetarian food, and I struggled to find really filling stuff from meal to meal. Given the lack of time, and lack of food availability, I ate bread (but the yam loaf were so delicious!!) for nearly every meal. There were times when I eat takeouts from the convenient stores (FamilyMart and 711).

On one of the days, I decided to walk further down the street to explore and see if theres some vegetarian store awaiting to be discovered. After overwalking for some distance, I decided to return back and turn right for this 711 in one of the alleys leading to the next street. Apparently, as I approached the 711, I found it familiar. Just beside the 711 was where my Dad’s pri sch classmate lived (we visited them last August), and the thing is, when I actually dropped by, the aunty living there recognized me!!! And she gave me 9 custard apples on the spot, wow.

After the field trip, I told my dad about it and he was like “hey man the place you lived in was owned by my exclassmate too, and this other classmate is the owner of one of the two bread shops there…” Omg. The power of dads (?!). HAHAHA.

The point of sharing this is that, this was the trip where I got to know Jon, who later on was the reason why I manage to schedule a little getaway in the middle of my busiest month.

I wrote this today because I didn’t want to face my reports and homework sigh.

So…. till next time~



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