It seems like I haven’t written anything here in ages, and SO MUCH has happened.

I survived Semester 104-2, when I took 25 credits (max credit/sem)  of lessons by accident, and surprisingly broke my own record of average GPA throughout the past 4 sems.

Also, the entire 104-1 Calculus teacher incident finally rested, after Jamie D’ and I pushed for it for the entire semester. Most of the time spent in this investigation was by the Gender Equality Association (surprisingly) and then things sped up when we took it to the Department of Math and even higher up the admin levels (P/VP/教務處etc).

I’m extremely thankful for Jamie and her mentor from DoME, the admin group, Head of Department of Mathemathics, Gender Equality group, and the peers who responded when I was gathering data. Now we’re able to erase the reminder about our nightmare, peacefully.

Also, the authorities decided to fire the bloke, both from NTU and A.S., so I guess we’ve got all the results that we could possibly hope for.

So at least that has come to a conclusion, case closed.


I would say, 104-2 has been the most fun, interesting and fantastic semester for me. I was able to arrange such that I get to take all the lessons I wanted, and have only 3 days of lessons a week. Also, I had the chance to go on numerous field trips (太麻里地調,地歷地調X2,綠島地調,跟Jon.Lewis到栗松去採樣本) and increase my exposure. I was given the chance to also explore labs through the lesson of Chemical Geology, learn to pick out foraminifera samples (through a microscope) for measurement of O and C isotopes, compile and write a final report that actually looks legit (dont think about the content yet XD).

In this semester, I’ve also learnt to swim freestyle. Although I’m not exactly fantastic at it, but at least now I know.

I guess things get exciting after 104-1? 🙂


Also, back in March, I had a huge dilemma on whether I should spend my Year 2 Summer break going on an individual backpacking trip or signing up for internship at AS. Institute of Earth Sciences. I decided to give the latter a go, due to the consideration that it *might* be pointless to apply in Year 4 and that we’ve got Summer Field Trip so application in Year 3 is out of question. Apparently, I was assigned my 1st choice with PhD. Lee JC, so I decided maybe that’s what I’ll go for.

So here I am now, interning in Academia Sinica, and we also went on a 6 days field trip to Southern Taiwan at Tainan, Guanmiao, Meinong, and also to Nantou and Puli in Taichung.

I’ve been learning so much here that I can’t even imagine how I was like in Year 1. I’m so thankful that I decided to jump onto this bandwagon instead of going out to play (I mean backpacking can wait a little bit more?).

Well I like to imagine that I’ll be able to travel to places to do research/work (field trips), so I’m getting really excited to learn more in my field! I’m so glad everything is turning out the way I hope for it to (so far).

Another thing that I’m super thankful for is Liu SC. He offered me a part time position in helping with his lab stuff, so I get to hangout and carry out some work in a lab (like, a legit lab lab, not the “研究生室” kind of group name) right now! Imagine the thrills~

I guess sometimes greeting people do help you in this kind of things. (haha)

Also, I need to stop being clumsy and stop accidentally spilling liquid containing acid onto people I feel thankful for (I’m so sorry, Liu!!). Thankfully the acid was pretty diluted, phewwwww.

Well…. Next goal for me, IELTS and application for overseas exchange to Canada.


(PS. scheduling timetable for the coming semester is so hard I can’t even, calculus clashed with my compulsory geochemistry, what should I do?)


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