La Piola

Weeks ago, before our Geochemistry Finals, Isa and I decided that we’ll look for our professor together for the oncepersem meal. I was the middle person communicating and forwarding information to each other (Isa and Prof Lin). It’s super BUMMER when the prof who’s paying for the meal (with MOE budget) offers to drive over…


  I do have such a friend. But the former or the latter, which does he fall under? I am honestly confused too. Tsk.  

Little goals?

Was studying Earth Surfaces and Structural Landforms, and I suddenly feel like buying a drone camera for my exchange to Canada. Well………. But first I need to save for Canada. Haha. Maybe one day. Within the next two years? 🙂

2016 → 2017

This post came a little late, but I’ve been updating religiously on other social media so I guess this is pretty decent? On instagram, I listed some of the more exciting things that I can recall: 👉Saw real snow for the first time (and snowing) 👉Went to India 👉Turned 21 (LOL) 👉Went Taimali, my dad’s…