2016 → 2017

This post came a little late, but I’ve been updating religiously on other social media so I guess this is pretty decent?

On instagram, I listed some of the more exciting things that I can recall:

👉Saw real snow for the first time (and snowing)
👉Went to India
👉Turned 21 (LOL)
👉Went Taimali, my dad’s hometown, for geologic survey
👉Went to my first offshore island: Greenland
👉Picked uncountable forams (alright actually I did count them)
👉Pulled through 化地簡介 (hardest report I’ve written)
👉Taking up jogging as a hobby (@domnomnomrita)
👉Internship at Academia Sinica with Dr. JC Lee, explored Tainan and Puli relatively thoroughly
👉Took IELTS and scored pretty decently
👉Designed my club brochure (it turned out more perfect than perfect!)
👉Took French module (new language)
👉Took Arabic module (repicking up this amazing language)
👉Went to Okinawa (first time in Japan)
👉Went to Miyakojima, Ishigakijima (also first times at off islands)
👉Saw tsunami boulders
👉Entered my first limestone cave (Yuquan Cave 玉泉洞)
👉Bought my first fountain pen (鋼筆), and starting to learn to perfect my penmanship
👉Went to my second offshore island: Kinmen (Quimoy)
👉Drove people around for nearly five days /without/ my dad
👉First roadrun (it was a 5km short distance but it was fun!)
👉Wore my first pair of contacts (took nearly 40 minutes? youtube videos did help though)
👉First time watching a tango ball
👉Scored 4 and 4.1 for my resume and study plan for exchange application
👉Got the college of my first choice for overseas exchange: An exchange of a year at UBC
👉Rare family reunion together with maternal relatives (full strength once in a long time😅)
👉Caught up with a few primary school friends whom I never thought I would reconnect with, actually felt great after catching up!
👉Pedalled on the goose thing at Bitan river for the first time
👉Counted down on a peak that required a 30min walk up

These are the more major things that I can remember as 2016 ended. Although I did not include all inside this instagram post, there are some other events that were as important as a milestone as well.

👉My relationship that I actually felt was first love fell apart, the exact same day that I witnessed owls and snow for the first time

I remember it being the most painful process, I took so many months to recover, but the final step of recovery is seeing him completely let go of me and going for another girl. Upon hearing this news for the first time, I thought it was a huge slap to my face. But people come and go, if you want to let him hold your hand, you’ve to brace yourself for the possibility of him letting go. So this year, one of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt was how to let go.

👉I went to a nightclub for the first time

It was when Sandra came over for an independent backpacking trip, and crashed my dormitory for three days. It could be the sudden urge for freedom, or the urge to be slightly rebellious from my own values. Anyhow, this first time was an interesting one. Same to playing bodyguard (someone give me the best ‘boyfriend’ award). Also, it was the first time that I actually completely let loose beside a friend, which I’m not sure of how long I haven’t been feeling. Maybe sometimes we just need a little breather?

👉I went out at 11pm for drinks with friends for the first time, returned only at 3am by taxi

And by drinks, it’s literally beer, alcohol and shisha. Well I only had beer, but my company were doing everything else they had me pretty confused. I’m unsure why recently I’m more prone to engaging with a community I would usually avoid too much interaction with, but it felt good, slightly?

I would say, 2016 was pretty much game changer for me. I am so much more accepting of things, outcomes, shits that life throw at you and also blessings. I have never felt more blessed. Despite some of the really nasty negative events occurring, they taught me really good lessons.

The transition from 2016 to 2017 was a quick one, a blurry one, a rushed feeling. But I had one of the best counting down experience ever.

Several things that I have already done this year:

👉Trekked up a mountain to watch fireworks and stargaze
👉Went up the first “百岳” of my life – Mount Hehuan, a member of the legendary family of 100 peaks in Taiwan. Elevation of 3417m.
👉Went to Aowanda Forest Park


I’m pretty sure this list would surpass the 2016 list by so many more times over, because of the upcoming exchange this late August. It’s something that I’m so excited about, and this felt like back when I was waiting for university to begin in NTU. I can’t remember when was the last time I was this excited!

With this in mind, I think it’s back to the annual resolution time. Let’s take a look at my 2016 resolutions:

1)  Exercise regularly, keep fit, and stay motivated.
2)  Stay healthy and happy, and be thankful. Stop having endless expectations, morals and “logics” that I unknowingly pin onto people around me.
3)  Enjoy pain, enjoy the results of pain.
4)  Keep a tight lookout on spendings and savings now that I’m living out in school by myself without my parents. Also, to spend more time with Papa and Mama Chao.
5)  Learn 2 new skills this year (colouring/drawing and reading research journals). (Hey i mean reading research journals are still really tiring and dry !!)

I would say I have put in much effort in (1), but I would love to have it as one of my resolutions again in 2017. I took up swimming for year 2 sem 2, and had quite some bit of fun there. Also, I took off on my first road run (albeit only 5km) and finished it with ridiculous story. And I had more evening jogs than I could remember, and I loved them.

I would say that I’ve also done (2) pretty well, I cant remember the number of times that I fell sick. Probably only once or twice? That feels good.

I would keep (3) around again, because it is something that I didn’t keep to for quite a while (until I came back to review my old resolutions ==)

I would say that I’ve done a relatively decent job at (4) as well, except that maybe I should shop online less and save up more? Especially with the upcoming overseas exchange (!!!!!), I better save some bucks to cover my ass.

And lastly, learning 2 new skills.. For 2016, I’ve learnt CorelDRAW and penmanship I think. Also, I’ve started learning French and repicking Arabic (from back in Sec 3 days). Awesome!

After reviewing 2016 resolutions, my 2017 resolutions may actually be very simliar as well. Here goes:

1)  Exercise regularly, keep fit, and stay motivated.
2)  Build your confidence, build your reliability, build your stamina.
3)  Enjoy pain, enjoy the results of pain.
4)  Save up. Save up. Save up.
5)  Rely less on others and stand more on my own feet. (relying on others actually makes them stressed, that’s why I should stop being so leany pole)

That basically sums up my 2017 resolutions.

I would love it if this year can be summed by “Adventure”.



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