La Piola

Weeks ago, before our Geochemistry Finals, Isa and I decided that we’ll look for our professor together for the oncepersem meal.

I was the middle person communicating and forwarding information to each other (Isa and Prof Lin). It’s super BUMMER when the prof who’s paying for the meal (with MOE budget) offers to drive over together and you only realise that you saw the time wrongly at the said time (case in point, Prof said 12pm and I somehow registered that as 12.20pm in my head wts). Awkwardly, I had to hurriedly message/spam call Isa and tell her the new change (LOL).

Luckily we stay in hostel, so we made it to the said venue within six minutes.

I guess, that was close. Also, thankfully Prof Lin and Prof Wang were really nice and patient (thank goodness). Whoooooops. Major whoops.

As we walked from the parking lot to search for our destination, we passed by many atas looking restaurants around (probably all instaworthy hahaha). We were headed for La Piola , an Italian restaurant in central Taipei.

I think we were their only customer on a Wednesday lunch period, which was very much a privilege because of the fantastic service. We were served sparkling water with a piece of lemon in it, which was actually quite thirst quenching. Next, the waiter gave each of us a menu.


Can you imagine that I literally felt that I might not find my jaw again? Everything cost a bomb, in the food world where all the cheap food probably blew up… Ok nevermind.

A salad here cost at least 280./NTD, and a main course cost at least 680./NTD, and I even saw a four digit dish. Imagine the dilemma of not knowing what to order, because you’re so paiseh that you’re not the one paying for it and it’s obviously wayyyy out of your budget. Thankfully, Prof Wang decided to handle the ordering, and we shared five courses and a dessert (of which four of them were vegetarian because Prof Wang specified so, omg!).

I think I’m convinced that that’s the Italian way of eating a meal? Ordering a few dishes and sharing the portion although each plate looked ridiculously small. (Honestly I’m unsure, but this is definitely a first) Surprisingly, when we came down to the last dish, it was super filling and we were all more than satisfied with the meal.


Photographs are from their facebook page, but these were just three among the five that we ate.

The first was a mozzarella type of salad, simply amazing (NTD 380) The texture was a little like poached egg, perfection!

Second was grilled zucchini, bell peppers and onion with a sauce that had some garlic in it (NTD 260). I really loved the grilled zucchini I wish I could eat it again.

The third dish was cheese with stuffed handmade pasta (NTD 480).

Fourth dish was Carnaroli Risotto seasoned by black truffle (NTD 480). I swear this has been the best risotto I’ve eaten (I don’t personally like eating risottos because most risottos in Taiwan are overly creamy and actually just taste like porridge, which was meh). Our Prof warned us beforehand that “if you feel that the rice is a little harder than norm, it’s because that’s the way they eat it in Italy, not because it’s uncooked!” Haha, funny!

The last dish was a non-vegetarian dish, a lamb rack (?) (NTD 880). I didn’t exactly pay much attention to the last dish though.

Our meal was great, and compared to all the past buffet meals that we chose ourselves, this meal was really special. In the past we used to stuff our faces with food until we felt sick. This meal, although all the dishes came in small portions, we ate slowly and actually had quality time. Loved the experience, and the meal. And our professors, teehee.


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