Catch up sessions

Here we begin, it’s like an exciting ride in a theme park.

Every trip back to Singapore now, it’s filled with so much love, friendship and reunion. Every time before returning, I would think to myself “I should cut down and streamline my meet ups, so that I can spend more time with mama”. But no matter how hard I try, there were all these groups of people who I know I’ll feel guilty for not spending time to catch up.

From 1st Feb tea time meet up with Sandra and Qiu (ledrunkies), to 2nd Feb morning jog with Lester K., and the almost impromptu (cause we all forgot) meet up at MacDonald with matchuo sisters (Chelsie and Shuantae), to having a curry cooking activity in my house with Piju, Xiaowei and Kaixiang (we don’t actually have a ‘clique’ name LOL) on 3rd Feb, to the mass xuejie bainian session on 4th Feb (高中部、大學部、大專部) and chilling at Shonark’s house with DY sisters (Char, Laura, Amanda, Guet ,Shonark), each meet up were amazing in their own ways. I didn’t even have time to update my instagram with all of our group photos!

And when I think back of each gathering that has already passed, I can’t help but feel thankful for the past Chao to meet these friends, make these friends and to keep in touch with these friends. It’s actually quite a touching moment seeing how far we’ve come, kind of. For some of us, we pulled through some tough times together, but we’re still doing well now anyway. For others, we weren’t even spending majority of our college days together, yet we maintained a pretty remarkable bond. It’s so pleasing to witness that admist all the changes in everyone’s lives, some part of them remained – the”essence” of why I loved these people.

Meanwhile, I am also extremely thankful that these friends of mine actually try to make time for me in their busyass schedules. What did I ever do to deserve such amazing companionship? And I am so thankful for their tolerance towards me. I can never look back at bits and pieces of myself and not cringe (especially videos with sound, with my voice, and my awkward tie-back ponytail). MAJOR CRINGES. That’s why these people that still make time for me, are true friends (LOL). They have never ditched me in those cringeassworthy times. Wish I could send all of you a kiss literally but that’s way too cheesy for my comfort (I’m still not thaaaat touchy after all these years).

I’ve missed the younger days (although yes, it’s true that I’m still young)!

It only recently dawned on me that those 2000 onward kids are either in enrolling JC or are taking O levels already!!! The speed of time is never to be underestimated (sweat).

On a sidenote, my lifestyle back in Singapore has been highly deviating from my ideal image, and I think I’ll have to set it back over the next few days. Falling sick isn’t helping much, but for building myself? Better not drag any longer.

Over the next few days, I’m looking forward to seeing more of my pillars of support. Benchies (FINALLY), Titongers (? we haven’t confirm our date I’m so anxious about it QQ), EC, Charmy, and proper dinner with the VS Uni Group peeps.

After that, the last week will be family time. For family only. Thinking of how the next time I step on this island might be two years later, it’s really high time to block out nights for my Mama already.

PS I played blackjack etc with LK and his friends and I won barely a buck, gambling for the first time during cny though. BAHAHAHA. Thanks for the experience! (My family doesn’t even play cards, let alone gamble with blackjack or other stuff).
PPS Thanks for thinking I look attached but I’m really not into that idea right now!


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