Taking shape.

(a foamy pancake with MAPLE SYRUP guess what this post will be about??)


Those who have followed me should know that I’ll be heading to UBC for exchange this September. But so far the truth is that’s something I’m “entitled” to on my home university’s side. The bunch of us who were allocated UBC for student exchange still has to wait for the sister university to process our application and officially accept us.

Also, since the final announcement for the allocation of schools [學校分發名單 一般組(一階), 31st Dec 總名單 (二階) 17th Jan ], we weren’t given much information to chew on. By information, I really meant instructions on what our next step will be. Instead, we had a month off Winter break without any news or notices.

So naturally, this period of “no news” was quite unsettling for me. Although I knew that I got allocated my first choice, but I needed some instructions for this whole news to settle in and feel real enough. There were lots of doubts, what if I imagined all this, what if I passed the obstacle on the NTU side only to be rejected by the UBC side, what if for some reason this whole thing isn’t real… Those evil little voices of insecurity nagged at me for nearly the whole time.

Insecurity continued all the way until 22 Feb, when we received the first letter telling us to chill and wait somemore (why couldn’t they have sent this earlier @@).So Alex and I waited. And waited. Then, on 14 Mar, I received an email to collect some information, on the same day that Alex were to fill up application form to UM online. But I wasn’t told to fill up anything on their website, it confused and unnerved me so.

FINALLY, the notice from our sister school has arrived today. I can finally set my mind at ease after submitting my application to them. FINALLY.

Well but of course, that’s not the end to it yet, it’s only the beginning. At least this exchange dream is starting to take some shape (although I still can’t really see it as well, haha). Right now, more urgently, I just need an exact date that I can purchase my airline ticket with (especially with Air Canada en routing to Taipei again, and all their follow-up promotions).

Inshallah, please give me an exact date soon. Oh please~

Meanwhile, to exploring more of my home town, and to saving up for next year’s expenses. Cheers!


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  1. sanbraellity says:

    omg isn’t Inshallah like referring to Allah HAHA like god willing or something

    1. wondergenius says:

      HAHAHAHA yes it is HAHAHAHA #Howtotellyouretakinganarabicmodule

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