Heads up.

Yesterday marked the begining of my midterm spree, I’ll actually have a midterm paper every week from now till end of May. The joy! (not).

Still, the past few weeks have been relatively exciting. This will be all but a quick post to jot down certain interesting stuff (OK interesting to me) recently. Quick and unpolished, and without churning nor second thoughts. Just words typing away… Don’t expect too much!



For this semester, one of my goal was to have a regular slep schedule, seems like I’ve kind of adjusted to one where I sleep at 12-1am-ish, and wake up on the average of about 7.45am (today’s an exception).

Over the past few months, I figured how I’ll finally be able to fill up the “hobbies” section of a survey or questionnaire (?!) now. I have always stared at the question with uncertainty to my own answers… Hiking? But I don’t do it often… Travelling? Don’t got that money to travel as far as I wish to… Singing? Can’t sing in front of people for nuts. Since Y3S2 started, I began to find track and field really interesting. It kind of began when I watched the Rio Olympics triple jump and pole vault… And especially so when we had the chance to do hurdles and javelin in Track and Field mod. So what’s my hobby in this since I can’t do none of those acrobatics for nuts? (Haha). I like watching sporting events: Track and Field, Gym (like everybody else), Archery…

On a sidenote, I’ve also plunged myself into this world of card making and improving my handwriting (artistically?) I have no idea. But brush lettering is becoming quite appealing to me during my free time. I never knew I could be “artsy” ever. For that, I started an instagram account (yes shoot me all you want, but I want to record my learning journey, from 0 to something nearer to hero XD Ask me if you’re curious!).

Haven’t exactly been really good at it or anything, but it’s something that I can confidently categorise as a hobby.


Onward to the main things that I wrote this post for…

Last Thursday, for Track and Field class, we were introduced to javelin. Background check here, I’ve had the chance to play with javelin back in sc (I think Mr Ang Wee Boon taught us? No I can’t remember anymore), but I can barely remember how I fared. However, most Taiwanese don’t get exposed to javelin, unless they join track and field or maybe take a mod like me (XD).

We practiced with the real javelin in our hands after a period of just whacking our body parts around in the air to familiarise ourselves with the momentum. When it was my turn, I threw, and it stuck in the grass relatively nicely. Prof Tsai gave a simple comment “Wow! 有天分喔,你是有在玩球類運動嗎?” For the second try, I have to say I can’t deny this little swell of pride in my heart, because I “got the ticket” to join Track and Field Team. HAHA. I’m not even kidding, Prof Tsai literally said “歡迎加入田徑隊!”. It completely made my day!!!! I mean maybe she was just kidding. BUT STILL.

Also, someone actually broke a javelin during class. HAHAHA.

That same afternoon, I went swimming with Anna, this new german friend that I met around end March. She’s really this amazing girl who tries to encourage you to do a lot of things!! I think time spent with her feels quite magical (HAHA) and enjoyable. You don’t ever feel awkward around her! She taught me “honk”, which means “dummy!” that day because I was talking about Hongkies (my habit of referring to Hong Kong people). She laughed SO HARD at me. HAHA. I’ve also learnt this slightly more efficient way of swimming freestyle (the vertical positioning of the palm when you cut into the water instead of what I’ve done out of habit, horizontal palms). It was cool.

So today, we went swimming again. However, I was late because prior to that I helped Mao with his IELTS oral practice. I got the greatest shock of my life when I entered the changing area in the swimming pool. Now I have to ask the same question I asked Anna: If you can only choose between wearing nothing except a bra/panties (wtf panties sound damn lame is there a cooler name apart from that and underwear???), which would you choose: Bra or Panties?

My answer is obviously panties. That was Anna’s answer too. And dangggg. So there was this half naked girl standing at the hair drying area (with lots of hair dryers and chairs) with ONLY A BRA ON. I’m not even kidding you. There were at least 8 other dressed girls around either drying hair or packing their stuff, and this half naked girl was just standing (not even sitting down) over the hair drying counter. I’m probably VERY conservative but….. I would like to know your thoughts? If you encounter such a person? (I was so confused LOL).

OK that’s all besides the point. Today, I learnt how to do a cartwheel in water. No joke. I couldn’t do it before today. Anna taught me (at the expense of hitting her head against the the bottom of the pool because she’s too tall and the pool wasn’t very deep XD), the learning progress was hilarious. I could never imagine turning myself downwards in the water (I was afraid of the feeling of water in my nose and choking me till the extent of tearing eyes).

Well, but I manage to learn it! We had a good laugh when I turned too far from the pool edge to kick it and ended up kicking nothing in the water. (gaffaws) And prior to that I did only half a turn and struggled to get up because I didn’t dare HAHAHA.

Such progress!

There was a repeat of last week, where Anna taught me a few more german words. She was like “there’s this german word that I really need to teach you! “Aufmuken?” (A german slang of “what do you want?” in the bro way, usually with arm gestures of looking for trouble XD). And there was good-gut (good). XD

She probably just sparked this interest in me to learn German!! But I must try to do better in French before that. And Arabic……. Well.


My Mom’s coming tomorrow and I’m excited for her. Finally I get to spend a Mother’s Day period with her after coming back to Taiwan! I can’t wait!!!




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