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Heads up.

Yesterday marked the begining of my midterm spree, I’ll actually have a midterm paper every week from now till end of May. The joy! (not). Still, the past few weeks have been relatively exciting. This will be all but a quick post to jot down certain interesting stuff (OK interesting to me) recently. Quick and…

Catch up sessions

Here we begin, it’s like an exciting ride in a theme park. Every trip back to Singapore now, it’s filled with so much love, friendship and reunion. Every time before returning, I would think to myself “I should cut down and streamline my meet ups, so that I can spend more time with mama”. But…


  I do have such a friend. But the former or the latter, which does he fall under? I am honestly confused too. Tsk.  

Little goals?

Was studying Earth Surfaces and Structural Landforms, and I suddenly feel like buying a drone camera for my exchange to Canada. Well………. But first I need to save for Canada. Haha. Maybe one day. Within the next two years? 🙂

2016 → 2017

This post came a little late, but I’ve been updating religiously on other social media so I guess this is pretty decent? On instagram, I listed some of the more exciting things that I can recall: 👉Saw real snow for the first time (and snowing) 👉Went to India 👉Turned 21 (LOL) 👉Went Taimali, my dad’s…

Friends –> Family

[深夜小火車 Deep night train of thoughts] 近期與好多朋友小聚餐 光一個週末就跟新加坡國小、國中、高中and當然在台灣大學的朋友都見到面 真的是人生各個階段的人與我相逢敘舊耶 因此也突然佩服以前的自己 以前的年少無知回想一下真的讓人頗傻眼 因為某種因緣際會遇見各個求學階段的這些朋友們 他(她)們互不相識 卻同樣造就我生命中某個時候最美好並難以忘去的回憶 每一位都見證了某個時期的我 而每個人所認識的我也都是不一樣的趙善慈 人生多麼奇妙 時間多麼倉促 一轉眼便20年離去 在每個人的生命中大家各自有你我他該去的路 天無不散的宴席 但對於友情 真心覺得每一段都很值得珍惜 因為科技發達而現在就算跨國也能輕易聯絡 偶爾抽個空 約個時間 敘敘舊 與彼此更新一下人生 替彼此感到欣慰 也替彼此的未來感到充滿希望 未來是最大的未知 但是我想要你們知道 我們永遠都是朋友 J


So what happened was, a girl in my dorm ended her life last evening, and that was really scary. When I saw the news in the very beginning, it was titled “Girl in ___ commits suicide in her dormitory”. With it being a girl committing suicide in dorm, there were two possibilities, either the hospital campus…

Deepest condolences

Yesterday, I saw a facebook status by one of my professors with just one word “欸……….” and there were nearly 20 criley reactions. I wondered why and asked one of his student. What he sent me was a screenshot of an official news of one of the most respected chemical geologist in Taiwan’s death. The…

Typhoon Day

This is the third typhoon in two weeks, let alone in September alone. Basically you experience heavy rain and extremely strong wind on this day. You hear the wind howling throughout the night already, although the typhoon eye has yet to even cross Taiwan. If you don’t take precautionary measures, your apartment may be flooded….


College is starting again in half a month and it’s the season for scheduling my classes again~ Basically, I failed to get my French module for both first and second tier course selection for the coming semester. (It’s the module that I’m most keen on taking for this coming year) Although I wrote emails to…

Little Adventure

Have I mentioned before? That on my 21st birthday, the house bro and Mommy Chao shared a gift for me — GoPro Hero+. I haven’t been having the chance to step out and test it or try it, but here’s the chance! Also, it’ll be my first time taking a domestic airline in Taiwan. With huge…